Math exercises for classroom and home

Good teachers use textbooks as a source of exercises, and for little else.

Motivated students use textbooks for revision and for the exercises.

XrMaths apps satisfy both these needs.

They are flexible in use.

They provide feedback.

There are worked examples for every question.

They can be used again & again..

The App generates the question and marks the answer, leaving the teacher free to work one-to-one with individuals or groups of students.



Teacher and student select the range of questions to use.

They can be done in any order

They are color coded to indicate difficulty

Black indicates an instruction screen

Green questions are easy, blue are average and red are there as a challenge
The questions range over several grades,
Those who need to can start at easier material. Those who finish quickly can move on to more challenging work.

With a few exceptions the questions are random, so repeated questions will be a little different

Teacher and pupil can monitor progress



There is immediate feedback


Repeated questions generally are similar but with different numbers

Some questions have up to six varients

The student is encouraged to repeat a question if the Example screen is selected


Every time the app is relaunched the ticks are removed, ready for the next user

If a pupil returns to an app, the lack of ticks should encourage some revision of earlier work

Question has been answered 4 times. There are 2 varients of the question

Question has been answered 2 times. There are 2 varients of the question

Question has been answered 2 times. There are 3 varients of the question. The fraction is red to show that one varient has not been answered